Programmable Messaging

SMS and MMS on registered Short Code, Local, and Toll-Free Numbers

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With Voxology, scaling messaging has never been simpler.

Batch Messaging API

Compliance Automation

Campaign Registry Integration

Access to Messaging Experts

Voxology is a true partner, which is huge. It was apparent that Voxology was the right choice - not just based on the partnership, but also the tech and the agility.

Business Development Executive, Market Leading SIS Provider

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Why text messaging?


people use text messaging


open rate compared to email at 20%


preferred way to interact with businesses


second average response time


reduction in 'no shows' using SMS reminders


The features you need to scale gracefully.


Simplify compliance, reduce costly errors or delays, and decrease busy work.

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Batch Messaging

Scale faster, cut costs associated with server optimization.

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Manage your own 10DLC brands and campaigns to have greater control.

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Hosted SMS (Enable Landlines)

Instant Phone Number Provisioning

Keyword Detection

Self Service Portal

Advanced Message Flow Handling


Group Messaging

TCR Brand and Campaign API Integration

BYO Campaign Service Provider (CSP)

Remarkable Developer Support Included

AI Enablement

Segment Usage with Sub Accounts

Advanced IVR for Voice

Batch Messaging

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Programmable Messaging API

Check out our API Reference and Getting Started Guide to get going today. Whether you are new to Programmable Messaging or considering switching to a new provider, our team can help you along the way.

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Example REST Request

Use Cases

Businesses rely on Programmable Messaging.

Appointment Reminders

Automated Alerts

Emergency Notifications

Contact Center Messaging

Message Masking


Delivery Notifications

Fraud Alerts

Public Service Announcements

Are You A CSP?

You might consider becoming one.

If you’re providing messaging to your customers using US local phone numbers (aka 10 Digit Long Code or “10DLC”), or if your customers are buying Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS/MMS through you, there is no reason you should not become a Campaign Service Provider..

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