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Customize and embed intelligent voice communications into your application

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With Voxology's Voice API, scaling voice has never been simpler.

Serverless Call Control

Advanced Voice

Security & Compliance

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

Global Reach

Don't build a multithreaded state machine

Voxology's Voice API takes care of tracking each call's progress throughout your unique call flow. Using our in-call session storage and conditional logic, even complex call flows are achieved with only a single HTTP callback response.
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We needed a voice provider to take emergency notification as seriously [as we do]. Voxology has always risen to that challenge and has remained a key partner for over 14 years.

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Why Voxology?


calls connected


countries supported


of calls are completed with zero to one HTTP callback


platform monitoring


The tools you need to build anything you can imagine.

Call Recording

Controls to start, stop, pause, resume, and download multi-channel call recordings.

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Call Transcription

Design and integrate intelligent audio transcription into your application.

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Build powerful PBX and IVR functionality with ease.

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Media Stream

Stream real-time audio from phone calls to a user-defined endpoint via a WebSocket.

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Phone Numbers

Provision local and toll-free phone numbers instantly.

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SIP Registration

Connect a variety of devices to one another or to the PSTN.

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Batch Voice Messaging

Speech Recognition

Instant Phone Number Provisioning

Call Transcription

Real-Time Media Stream

Voicemail Detection

Advanced Conferencing

Multi-Channel Call Recording

Advanced IVR

Live Call Control API

Advanced Transfer

Multilingual Text To Speech

AI Enablement

Self Service Portal


Remarkable Developer Support Included

Segment Usage with Sub Accounts

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Programmable Voice API

Check out our API Reference and Getting Started Guide to get going today. Whether you are new to Programmable Voice or considering switching to a new provider, our team can help you along the way.

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Use Cases

Businesses rely on Programmable Voice.

Emergency Notifications

Contact Center Voice Controls

Cloud PBX

Call Anonymization

2FA or OTP

Click To Call

Call Tracking

Phone Survey


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Appointment Reminders

Automated Alerts

Virtual AI Assistant

Fraud Alerts

Public Service Announcements


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