10DLC Compliance

January 11, 2024 // Product

What you need to know about 10DLC compliance

Ten Digit Long Code (10DLC) compliance standards are in place to ensure that certain types of messages are prohibited. According to 10dlc.org:

SMS is a highly regulated channel and is subject to stringent rules, regulations, and carrier requirements. Certain message content is prohibited and wireless carriers will reject SMS and MMS messages containing prohibited content by default. Other use cases are subject to additional requirements, like age-gating procedures. If your business sends messages containing any of the types of prohibited content listed below, SMS may not be the appropriate channel to reach your customer base.

10DLC compliance standards

The industry standards for 10DLC compliance are governed by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) as well as the industry-led CTIA. Be sure to review the regulations outlined in the TCPA with your own legal counsel.

Companies should also familiarize themselves with CTIA’s Messaging Principles and Best Practices as carriers verify they are being followed if messages are flagged.


Messages that fall within the category of SHAFT are also prohibited or require proper age-gate procedures.

Sexually inappropriate content

Hate speech or profanity


Firearms, and depictions or endorsements of violence

Tobacco (including vaping), or endorsement of illegal or illicit drugs, including marijuana and cannabis

What happens if messages are flagged and blocked?

If, for example, your alcohol delivery app uses SMS to communicate with customers, you may get blocked during the 10DLC vetting process. In order to get age-gating approved, Brands will have to prove that there is a full age-gate mechanism on the website and application.

Typically we have seen that Brands have to first get blocked during the vetting process, and then prove to the TCR that you have correctly instituted age gates. It may be possible to get approved on the first attempt, but it appears to be unlikely.

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