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February 9, 2023 // Product

What’s In A Phone Number? A Lot!

Delivering great customer experience over the phone is often an overlooked method of setting apart your business from competitors. As the carrier for the modern enterprise, at Voxology we make it easy to port your numbers over to us or instantly provision new phone numbers and access a host of features and functionality. Our programmable voice and SMS gives you the power to build and implement awesome features and functionality that can make an impactful difference in your customers’ engagement with your company.

What’s Possible

Our REST API enables your team to build incredibly robust and reliable communication services with our next-generation Programmable Voice and Programmable Messaging. Here’s just a few things you can do:

  • Call Anonymization / Masking // Uses proxy phone numbers to keep caller identity anonymous and prevent fraudulent use of sensitive information.
  • Call Tracking // Know the origin of incoming calls so that you can easily track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery // We are committed to giving you the tools you need for effective disaster recovery. For instance, all of our toll-free numbers are dual-homed, meaning if one carrier is down, calls will still connect via the alternate carrier.
  • Appointment Reminders // Automatically remind customers of upcoming appointments via voice or SMS.
  • SMS Alerts // Easily program and send individual or bulk SMS alerts at scale.
  • Build an AI-virtual Assistant // Add AI-powered IVR or speech rec to your call center and handle 80% of your typical load.
  • CNAM // Add a caller ID name to your phone number to help your customers identify and pick up your phone calls.
  • Emergency Calling (E911) // Add an emergency address to your local phone numbers to help expedite emergency assistance.
  • Phone Number Info Lookup // Look up details of phone numbers with a simple request. Potential query parameters include:
    • Location // Country, State/Region, City, Postal Code, Rate Center
    • Line Type // wireless, landline, voip
    • Carrier // ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.
    • CNAM // Caller ID Name
    • Belongs to // Name, Address, etc.

Looking for more info? Here’s our helpful Guide to CPaaS Features.

Voxology — The Carrier for the Modern Enterprise

In addition to providing the communication building blocks and an easy-to-use API for voice and SMS, we also provide the phone numbers, minutes and call control functionality you need to deliver great CX over the phone.

It’s not just a phone number, it’s so much more.

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