Release Notes // July 2021

July 14, 2021 // Release Notes

Speech Recognition and MMS are now available for general use in our API. Not only will you be able to find new, available phone numbers that have the MMS capability, you can also activate MMS on many (if not all) of your preexisting toll-free and local phone numbers.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We would be happy to help.

RELEASE NOTES // July 2021

PROGRAMMABLE VOICE // New Features & Enhancements

1. Speech Recognition // COLLECT Action

The COLLECT Call Flow Action now supports speech recognition using Google’s Speech to Text engine. The new input parameter allows you to choose the type of input to accept from the caller with the following options: key_presses, speech, and key_presses_and_speech. This enables you with the tools to build an IVR that asks callers to: “Press ‘one’, or say ‘sales’ to be transferred to a friendly sales rep.” Furthermore, you may also pair COLLECT’s speech recognition with machine learning to develop a sophisticated, interactive voice response system for your customers.

Please see our Google Speech to Text Integration update below to learn how to set up speech recognition on your account.

Learn more here

PROGRAMMABLE SMS // New Features & Enhancements

1. MMS // New Service!

You can now use Voxology’s Programmable SMS API to send and receive MMS messages. The POST /Messages method supports a new media_urls array where you can include one or many publicly accessible URLs pointing to the media you’d like to include in your MMS message. A new callback type, mms, is also available to receive inbound MMS. Look for phone numbers that have the MMS capabilities to start sending MMS messages!

Learn more here

2. Phone Numbers // Manage Capabilities

You now have the ability to manage the capabilities on all of your numbers. The new manage_capabilities object on each available and provisioned phone number describes which capabilities are currently enabled, or can be enabled on a number. When provisioning new numbers, easily copy the manage_capabilities object into your provision request to keep the number’s advertised capabilities. Possible capabilities supported by a phone number include: voice, sms, mms, and cnam.

Learn more here

PORTAL // New Features & Enhancements

1. Integrations // Google Speech to Text

We’ve added a new integration, Google's Speech to Text engine, which allows you to enable both speech recognition and transcription (coming soon!) within Voxology’s services. Once you’ve signed up for a Google Speech to Text account, enter your service API key in the Portal, and then you can use the enhanced COLLECT action in the Programmable Voice API to add speech recognition to your calls.

Find it here

2. Inbound Phone Numbers // Capability Management

We’ve added inbound number capability management features in two places:

  • Buy Inbound Phone Numbers page — The “Purchase Inbound Number Confirmation” pop-up now has capability toggles that allow you to see at-a-glance info about which capabilities are available and enabled by default on the number(s) you’ve selected. The tooltips on each toggle inform you which of the capabilities are modifiable. If a capability is modifiable you can flip its toggle to disable it upon purchase.
  • Inbound Phone Number Detail page — You can manage capabilities on a number you’ve already provisioned by using this toggle system on its details page.

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