Serverless call control with Programmable Voice

May 31, 2024 // Product

What is serverless call control?

Serverless call control in a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) like Voxology refers to the ability to design and manage phone calls without the need to write server side code to control the calls. Instead of provisioning and managing servers, serverless call control leverages cloud-based infrastructure and managed services to provide a number of benefits.

Benefits of serverless call control

Serverless call control means your developers can focus simply on integration with your product rather than building a communications platform. There are numerous benefits of serverless call control, each contributing to more efficient and effective communications.

Here's how:

  • Onboarding speed // Serverless call control expedites the onboarding process for developers and businesses. Developers can quickly integrate call control functionalities into their applications without the need to set up and manage servers. This translates to reduced development time and faster deployment of communication solutions.

  • Less latency // By leveraging cloud-based infrastructure and distributed processing, serverless call control minimizes latency in voice communications. The design of the Programmable Voice API you use determines the number of HTTP requests your servers need to handle, ultimately leading to a higher or lower chance of latency impacting the user experience.

  • Scalability // The platform automatically adjusts to accommodate fluctuations in call volume, ensuring seamless communication experiences during both peak and off-peak periods. This instantaneous scalability eliminates the need for manual intervention and allows businesses to scale their operations efficiently as demand grows.

  • Faster time-to-market // With serverless call control, developers can rapidly prototype, deploy, and iterate on new features and applications, accelerating time-to-market.

  • No “callback hell” // Serverless call control eliminates the notorious "callback hell" often associated with traditional Programmable Voice APIs. Instead of managing complex, never-ending, nesting HTTP callbacks, developers can implement call control logic with a single callback response. This simplifies code maintenance, reduces errors, and improves readability, leading to more efficient development processes.

  • Low code // Serverless call control empowers businesses to develop communication solutions with minimal to no code. By removing infrastructure management, developers can focus on high-level application logic without getting bogged down in the complexities of server provisioning and maintenance. This lowers the barrier to entry for building communication applications, allowing businesses to innovate and iterate more rapidly.


Voxology’s serverless call control empowers developers to focus on building innovative communication applications while offloading the complexity of managing infrastructure to Voxology. With serverless call control, businesses can transform their communication infrastructure, delivering superior experiences to users while optimizing development efforts and costs.

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