Should You Become A Campaign Service Provider?

July 21, 2023 // Product

To be a Campaign Service Provider (CSP) or not to be...

The quick answer: if you’re providing SMS or MMS messaging to your customers using US local phone numbers (aka 10 Digit Long Code or “10DLC”), or if your customers are buying Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS/MMS through you, there is no reason you should not become a CSP.

The major benefit of operating as your own CSP is the flexibility and control it gives you to manage your messaging reliability, optionality, and costs. As a CSP, you maintain final authority over the Brands and Campaigns you register, including the messaging provider they are assigned to. For this reason, many messaging providers do not allow you to bring your own CSP to their platform. To use their messaging service, you are required to use their CSP which comes with all of the downsides of vendor lock-in, such as inflexible pricing.

If you are currently registering 10DLC through a messaging provider (and not directly with The Campaign Registry), your provider is almost certainly the CSP. For some businesses, this convenience may be preferred, but should the need arise to bring in a new messaging provider for reliability, or switch providers entirely for cost reasons, you may find yourself unable to use any of your existing brands and campaigns with the new provider.

If you have found yourself in this state, don’t panic. We can help!

CSP However You Want It

True to our nature, Voxology is perfectly comfortable with our customers being their own CSP, if they desire. We believe in our product and service enough to empower our customers to choose whichever method best serves both their and their customers’ needs. With Voxology’s full integration with The Campaign Registry, CSPs maintain all the control with all the convenience of managing your brands and campaigns through Voxology.

For a detailed look at what it means to become a CSP and how to become one, check out our Intro to 10DLC.

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