SMS Auto-Responder // Simplify 10DLC compliance and boost efficiency

February 29, 2024 // Product


In the complex world of SMS campaigns and 10DLC, registering new brands with The Campaign Registry (TCR) is often a laborious process. Voxology’s Auto-Responder feature is designed to simplify the compliance process, reduce costly errors or delays, and decrease the amount of busy work and headaches for your development team by automatically ingesting and applying your keywords from your 10DLC application.

Simplified compliance process

Submitting 10DLC applications is tedious and time-consuming. Part of the application includes your predetermined responses to keywords like START, STOP and HELP. Importantly, START, STOP and HELP support is now required for 10DLC on long codes after only being mandatory on short codes historically.

To be compliant, you must identify these keywords (and any others you wish to use for the same function) during the application process and ensure that your system responds with the correct action when those keywords are received.

Voxology's Auto-Responder takes that burden off your developers by automating the responses you identify in your application.

By setting up 10DLC with Voxology, we automatically take the keywords and respective responses from the application and apply them to the numbers associated with the campaign.

Benefits of Auto-Responder

  • Streamlined 10DLC implementation
  • Automated compliance and paper trail
  • Effortless setup and customization

Once enabled, the Voxology Auto-Responder is always listening for the keywords you have selected, without any necessary action on your developer's part. The Auto-Responder not only listens to and responds to the required keywords, but also provides a reliable paper trail. Every keyword submission and response is automatically documented, reducing the chance of errors, missed steps, or delays in compliance processes.

Effortless setup and customization

The Auto-Responder offers a hassle-free setup, eliminating the need for a programmer to build out auto-responses for your phone numbers. Your team can rest easy knowing that the Auto-Responder is always listening and responding appropriately. Additionally, for those who want to go beyond the standard compliance keywords, the Auto-Responder offers complete flexibility. Businesses can add fully customizable keywords and responses (like ENROLL, YES, NO), extending the capabilities of their SMS campaigns.

Whether incorporating additional opt-in phrases or specialized responses, the Auto-Responder easily adapts to the unique requirements of each campaign while helping you align to CTIA guidelines.

This helps ensure that businesses not only comply with regulations but also adhere to industry-recommended practices for a seamless and customer-centric experience.


Voxology's Auto-Responder is a game-changer for businesses venturing into SMS campaigns and brand registrations. By automating keyword response compliance, reducing errors, and enhancing customization, Voxology empowers software companies to focus on their own product differentiators while we tend to their SMS-related minutia.

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