Engage With Your Members, Virtually.

Connect with thousands of your constituents, supporters, or members in live, interactive telephone town hall events.

Radio Station Debut Broadcast | 1922


Voxology’s Event Conferencing enables you to engage with your audience in a live, interactive radio show-type experience. Many of the largest membership organizations in the US rely on Voxology Event Conferencing to connect with their members on a regular basis.

Host compelling virtual events featuring the following:

  • Live and/or pre-recorded content
  • Expert panels
  • Q&A sessions with or without pre-screening
  • Live polling with real time results
  • Capture individual participant feedback via audio testimonials
  • Participant call in and/or dial out


Voxology’s Event Conferencing includes a uniquely designed user interface to craft world class, virtual events.

Event Management

Orchestrate live events like a pro, utilizing distinct controls for your Host(s), Moderator(s), and Screeners. Voxology can provide the training for you and your team or supplement any role with our trained professionals.

Event Participation

Easily engage with your members through their phones by dialing them at the time of your event or giving them a phone number to call in to (or both).

  1. Facilitate live Q&A sessions with screened participants
  2. Gain real-time feedback via live polling
  3. Solicit feedback with post event audio testimonials

Event Reporting

Gain access to real-time and post event participation analytics including the following:

  • Live participation over time
  • Unique outbound and inbound participants
  • Peak outbound and inbound participation
  • Dial out statistics
  • Average participation duration
  • Poll results
  • Participant questions
  • Event recording
  • Participant feedback recordings (audio testimonials)

Getting Started

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