Telephone Cable Stranding Machine | 1922

Customer Success Story // CX Performance Testing Market Leader

CX Performance Testing Market Leader Migrates To The Cloud and Expands Internationally A market leader in customer experience (CX) performance testing worked itself into an enviable position. As more and more companies were searching for ways to automate CX to improve their bottom line, this CX performance testing…

August 23, 2023


Cloud Communications for Education

Voxology for Education The education sector’s need for secure, scalable and programmable cloud communications solutions was never more evident than during the pandemic. What started as a temporary shift to the cloud, proved to be a turning point for many institutions as they were forced to solve their unique…

August 16, 2023


Cloud Communications for Healthcare

Voxology for Healthcare Few industries have more at stake when it comes to their communications strategy than healthcare. Here at Voxology, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for our healthcare partners - enabling them to build powerful, compliant communications solutions that enhance the digital…

July 28, 2023


Should You Become A Campaign Service Provider?

To be a Campaign Service Provider (CSP) or not to be... The quick answer: if you’re providing SMS or MMS messaging to your customers using US local phone numbers (aka 10 Digit Long Code or “10DLC”), or if your customers are buying Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS/MMS through you, there is no reason you should not become…

July 21, 2023


Voxology For Enterprise

Voxology is the carrier for the modern enterprise. Our simple mission is to make enterprise-grade communications easy to use and customer-centric. It’s Time to Expect More From Your Communications Provider You shouldn’t dread contacting your communications provider. Voxology delivers world-class customer service…

July 12, 2023


Customer Success Story // Omnilert

Omnilert Launches Voice Alerts, Becomes Market Leader In Active Shooter Solutions and Emergency Notifications Omnilert was the first company to bring mass emergency notifications to the market. Since their launch in 2004, they have evolved to include an Active Shooter Solution that uniquely combines visual gun…

June 9, 2023


Microsoft Teams Direct Routing with Voxology

Voxology is the premiere Direct Routing choice for enterprise customers of Microsoft Teams. The shift to remote and hybrid work environments has caused companies to transition away from traditional communications services to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers like Microsoft Teams. Microsoft offers…

May 19, 2023


Microsoft Teams Voice Calling Options

Bring Your Own Carrier to Microsoft Teams // Voxology Voxology integrates with Microsoft Teams Phone System and can be used as your carrier to connect calls to the PSTN. There are over 270 million active, monthly Microsoft Teams users, but only around 10% are using the native Teams Calling Plan. If you’re reading this…

April 26, 2023


Voxology for SaaS

Voxology is the premier cloud communications platform designed for SaaS applications. We believe communications should be easy, reliable, and that your provider should serve you. It’s Time to Expect More From Your Communications Provider Serverless communications API Scale on demand Batch calling and messaging AI…

March 15, 2023


Phone Numbers and Provisioning - What's Possible

What’s In A Phone Number? A Lot! Delivering great customer experience over the phone is often an overlooked method of setting apart your business from competitors. As the carrier for the modern enterprise, at Voxology we make it easy to port your numbers over to us or instantly provision new phone numbers and access a…

February 9, 2023