Telephone Cable Stranding Machine | 1922

Enterprise Communications Reimagined // The Costs

How non-traditional carriers are changing the communications landscape for the Enterprise. Usage-based vs Commit Traditional carriers want to lock you into a multi-year deal, not because it’s better for you, or because it guarantees you great service, but rather because it’s simply better for their bottom line. It’s an…

April 19, 2022


Enterprise Communications Reimagined // The Experience

How non-traditional carriers are changing the communications landscape for the Enterprise. Customer Disservice Service reliability, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service top our customers’ wish lists for what makes a great telecom carrier. The traditional carriers have, for decades, offered a version of…

February 24, 2022


Release Notes // February 2022

Hi All! Several new features and enhancements are now available in our API and Portal. RELEASE NOTES // February 2022 PROGRAMMABLE VOICE // New Features & Enhancements 1. Call Transcription // New Service Voxology’s new Call Transcription service enables you to easily transcribe audio from any phone call placed or…

February 24, 2022


Enterprise Communications Reimagined // The Flexibility

How non-traditional carriers are changing the communications landscape for the Enterprise. Communications How You Want It Traditional telecom carriers aren’t known for being flexible. In fact, you may have found your business needs and requirements taking a back seat to your communications provider’s preferences in…

February 4, 2022


Enterprise Communications Reimagined // The Features

How non-traditional carriers are changing the communications landscape for the Enterprise. Non-traditional carriers are disrupting enterprise communications. What’s the difference between operating telecom the traditional way versus embracing what is now possible with a CPaaS like Voxology? It’s like driving a Tesla…

January 27, 2022


Screen Pops: Enhance UX and Decrease Frivolous Per-Minute Spend

What if I told you there was a simple way to reduce your costs while increasing both customer AND employee satisfaction? Sounds too good to be true? It’s actually not. Screen Pops automatically bring up a caller’s information on your agent’s screen at the beginning of a call, leading to a more streamlined experience…

December 16, 2021


Your Call Is Very Important To Us, Please Hold. // IVR Design

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems enable your customers to interact with your company in business-critical ways, and at all times of the day, using voice or the phone’s keypad. Companies of all sizes can benefit from IVRs, both internally by automating the flow of calls to their correct department, and…

December 6, 2021


Implementing A Robust Telecom Disaster Recovery Strategy

As part of your Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) plan, non-traditional carriers, like Voxology, empower you to stay connected to your customers and staff when disaster strikes. And, unfortunately, no matter how well prepared you are, disaster will strike. Whether it’s a natural disaster, human…

November 17, 2021


6 Signs It's Time To Switch To A CPaaS

Are you still running your own telecom infrastructure? While there may be good reasons to continue to do so, there might also be a growing list of reasons you should consider making the switch. Below are six signs that you are ready to find the right CPaaS. 1. The competition’s beating you with new communications…

November 10, 2021


Con-fraud-ulations, You Got Robbed // Combatting Telecom Fraud

Telecom Fraud Fraud in telecom generally comes in three disgusting flavors. The first, and probably most commonly talked about, is fraud against an individual person - consumer fraud. People robbing other people. When your elderly mother receives a call “from the IRS” informing her that, unless she gives up her Social…

November 4, 2021