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March 16, 2022 // Product

How non-traditional carriers are changing the communications landscape for the Enterprise.

Telecom Business Continuity

Don’t panic. Two words made famous by Douglas Adams a few decades ago and, thanks to the user-friendly power of the modern CPaaS, they now ring true when it comes to telecom business continuity and disaster recovery (DR).

Traditional telecom carriers seem to treat business continuity as an inconvenient thing they must deal with in order to meet the minimum requirements of their multi-year service level agreements (SLA). This approach has led to more quagmires and headaches than resolutions. It’s time for customers to change their expectations.

Voxology’s common sense but ingenious approach to business continuity has proven to be such a game-changer for our clients that we decided to share the good news with you.

The Traditional Way vs. The Voxology Way

Horror Stories

Telecom hasn’t historically been known for its agility. One of the areas that shines the brightest light on this issue is when disaster strikes. Here are a few common stories we have heard over and over and over again:

  • Selective VIP Treatment // Traditional carriers are notorious for providing different levels of service depending on how much a customer spends per month. Unless the customer is billing over $1M/year, in some cases, they are not considered “premiere” and as a result their service issues are deprioritized. This construct doesn’t even exist at Voxology.
  • Favors Make the World Go Round // In the event of a disaster, Account Managers (or Account Executives) at many carriers often have to call in personal favors to their managers and bosses in order to get an urgent response to their customer. It shouldn’t require relational capital to resolve emergency situations. It is nearly unthinkable that this would be an acceptable way of doing business.
  • Blame Game // Following a major incident, we’ve heard numerous stories of service interruptions lasting days if not weeks. Some carriers refuse to implement a legitimate redundancy plan — instead they blame a downstream provider or even the customer. With Voxology, our customers have a multitude of options when it comes to business continuity. Keep reading to learn more about some of our dynamic features.

Business Continuity Features

We understand that communications are the lifeblood of your organization, which is why we have made it as easy as possible to implement a world-class disaster recovery strategy. Here are just a few of the features available to our customers:

  1. Auto-failover // You can predetermine where Voxology will reroute calls when your primary site(s) go down.
  2. SIP Forward or PSTN Transfer // When one of your locations goes down, you can automatically transfer calls to another SIP destination with different instructions, or we can simply forward calls to a backup phone number.
  3. DR IVR // Leveraging our Programmable Voice service, you can create a unique IVR that is initiated when you are down. For example, you can play a specific message depending on the issue or impact, and set up a virtual voicemail box to capture messages from your customers. After the message has been played and/or voicemail recording has been left, the phone number and the details of the call can be forwarded to the correct email inbox.
  4. Simultaneous Call Limit // In case of a partial outage, you can also set a temporary cap on your simultaneous inbound calls, and play a busy signal to all calls over the limit. This allows you to address as many calls as possible, without overloading your impaired infrastructure.


Back when it took a miracle to help a customer recover quickly from a disaster of any type, it seemed unimaginable that you would be able to enter an online customer portal and simply reroute calls to a different SIP destination with a click of the button. That is exactly what’s now possible with Voxology.

Voxology’s common-sense business continuity features power a new generation of communications during times of disaster. It’d be a … disaster … to settle for less.

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