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SMS Auto-Responder // Simplify 10DLC compliance and boost efficiency

START. STOP. HELP. In the complex world of SMS campaigns and 10DLC, registering new brands with The Campaign Registry (TCR) is often a laborious process. Voxology’s Auto-Responder feature is designed to simplify the compliance process, reduce costly errors or delays, and decrease the amount of busy work and headaches…

February 29, 2024


The Advantages of Batch Messaging and Calling

“Batch” in telecommunications refers to the process of delivering large volumes of SMS or phone calls in groups rather than initiating each message one by one. Most providers don’t offer batch messaging, which means that your servers have at least a one to one relationship with each SMS or phone call you initiate…

February 16, 2024


Benefits of 10DLC

How 10DLC Benefits Business 10DLC allows businesses to add SMS (text messaging) to their local phone numbers and take advantage of higher delivery rates and throughput, making 10DLC ideal for many use cases. In the context of 10DLC, campaign types and use cases are often used synonymously. For a deep dive into…

February 5, 2024


10DLC Compliance

What you need to know about 10DLC compliance Ten Digit Long Code (10DLC) compliance standards are in place to ensure that certain types of messages are prohibited. According to : SMS is a highly regulated channel and is subject to stringent rules, regulations, and carrier requirements. Certain message…

January 11, 2024


10DLC Opt-in and Opt-out Management

In order to maintain Ten Digit Long Code (10DLC) compliance, companies sending SMS messages to customers are required to explicitly ask the recipient for permission to do so by asking them to opt-in. Senders must also be clear about what kind of message is being sent, the purpose of the message and the frequency…

January 11, 2024


How 10DLC Trust Scores Impact Throughput

10DLC Trust Scores and Throughput 10DLC is a much-needed standard for the industry in order to combat the rise in robocalls and spam messaging. For software development teams, 10DLC has also put new pressure on day-to-day operations – ensuring 10DLC compliance standards and organizational performance metrics are both…

January 11, 2024


10DLC Messaging: An Overview

What does 10DLC mean? 10DLC stands for Ten Digit Long Code (10DLC) and is an industry-led solution and set of standards put in place as an answer to the United States federal mandate to Know Your Customers (KYC) and the TRACED Act . KYC requires businesses to go through a process to know their customers’ identities…

December 14, 2023


Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Teams Phone

Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Teams Phone Ensuring your customers have uninterrupted communication lines to your business no matter the situation is the lifeblood of any successful organization. As CIOs across every industry try to consolidate vendors and decrease costs, the increased reliance on platforms like…

November 18, 2023


Twilio vs. Voxology for SMS

Comparing Programmable Messaging Providers Identifying the right messaging provider is difficult. On the surface, most messaging providers offer very similar products. You can expect them to have a messaging REST API, instant number provisioning, and a customer portal for administration and monitoring. When comparing…

October 5, 2023


Why Your Carrier Doesn't Like Microsoft Teams

As a great philosopher once said, it’s all about the Benjamins. And, while Microsoft Teams has exploded in daily active users (280 million as of 2023) , and its Phone System service has become an increasingly popular way for the enterprise to unify communications, many traditional telecommunications carriers are…

September 29, 2023


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