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Release Notes // June 2024

Hi All! We have several new features and enhancements that are now available in our API and Portal. RELEASE NOTES // June 2024 Microsoft Teams Direct Routing // New Product! Integration with Microsoft Teams Phone System is now available on Voxology SIP Trunks. Teams Direct Routing is the most cost effective way to…

June 27, 2024


Voxology Wins VSA Award for SIP Trunking!

We are delighted to announce that Voxology has been awarded the Channel Vision Visionary Spotlight Award for SIP Trunking! This recognition highlights our commitment to delivering cutting-edge communication solutions that require little to no fuss, making advanced telecom capabilities accessible and efficient for…

June 27, 2024


Why Advanced Voice Matters

Effective communication is a cornerstone of success in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment. Advanced voice capabilities for the modern Communication Platform as a Service (CPaas), including APIs for services such as emergency/E911 calling, call scoring, contact center (CC) operations, audio…

June 16, 2024


Voxology Wins VSA Award for Best Customer Service!

We are thrilled to announce that Voxology has been honored with the Channel Vision Visionary Spotlight Award for Best Customer Service! This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to our customers and exemplifies our dedication to delivering unparalleled support in the telecommunications industry. At…

June 7, 2024


Twilio vs. Voxology for Voice

Comparing Programmable Voice Providers How do you know which Programmable Voice provider is the best fit for you? Most CPaaS products are foundationally similar. You can expect them to offer a REST API to initiate calls and provision new numbers as well as a method to programmatically control what happens once a call…

June 4, 2024


Serverless call control with Programmable Voice

What is serverless call control? Serverless call control in a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) like Voxology refers to the ability to design and manage phone calls without the need to write server side code to control the calls. Instead of provisioning and managing servers, serverless call control leverages…

May 31, 2024


Global Reach in CPaaS

In today's interconnected world, the advantages of global reach in communication infrastructure are critical for businesses to thrive in international markets. With a global reach, companies can extend their footprint, connect with customers across the globe, drive growth and enhance operational efficiency. From…

May 14, 2024


8 Signs It's Time To Switch SMS Providers

Whether you’re locked in a long-term contract you’re starting to regret or paying exorbitant monthly rates, here are eight signs it may be time to switch your SMS provider. Do you resonate with any of these signs? If so, let’s talk. 1. Lack of transparency Does it feel like your messaging provider, and your…

April 26, 2024


SMS Auto-Responder // Simplify 10DLC compliance and boost efficiency

START. STOP. HELP. In the complex world of SMS campaigns and 10DLC, registering new brands with The Campaign Registry (TCR) is often a laborious process. Voxology’s Auto-Responder feature is designed to simplify the compliance process, reduce costly errors or delays, and decrease the amount of busy work and headaches…

February 29, 2024


The Advantages of Batch Messaging and Calling

“Batch” in telecommunications refers to the process of delivering large volumes of SMS or phone calls in groups rather than initiating each message one by one. Most providers don’t offer batch messaging, which means that your servers have at least a one to one relationship with each SMS or phone call you initiate…

February 16, 2024


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